10-pound walleyes and the best Lake Erie fishing

You’re standing on the docks in Vermilion, drinking coffee and staring at the water. The breeze feels good on your face. Although not quite a summer breeze, it still feels good. You feel rejuvenated. “This will be a good day,” you tell yourself.

You dreamt of walleyes last night. They must be swimming in your head. Waking up in the morning, the first thing you did was make coffee and pack your fishing gear. As you drove up to the lake, listening to sports radio, you wondered just how many walleye you’d catch. Then you saw it, in the distance, Lake Erie…


My name is Rick Comstock, owner and operator of Lucky Duck Lake Erie Fishing Charter. This year, we started up our charters in April and they will run through November. We offer top-quality full service Lake Erie fishing in the area. 2013 is poised to be a fun walleye season. Jeff Tyson, Ohio’s Lake Erie fisheries supervisor, feels the same way, as the number of walleye are around 22 million. Anglers get ready; there are plenty of fish to catch!

Anglers from all corners of the country will soon flock to Lake Erie, one of the largest lakes in the world, in their quest for trophy fish. It will be like a summer exodus. They will dream of 10-pound walleyes, hoping to mount one on the wall!

At Lucky Duck Lake Erie Fishing Charter, we will help you in your quest to nab that prized trophy fish, all while showing you the 4,000-year-old beauty that is Lake Erie! Based in the Vermilion, Ohio area, we cater to anglers from every state! Give us a call today!


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