Drift Fishing For Trophy Walleye

These fish came off the sandbar drifting from 36 ft of water into 40 ft . Throwing weapons tipped with night crawlers.

Walleye are in Vermilion

6/1/13  Nice size walleye and some numbers were taken in Vermilion off the breaks west of town. Good catches were taken from 17ft  to 35ft of water. Taking advantage of the strong south west wind the bottom bouncers worked well using harnesses and night crawlers. Also long lining weapons tipped with crawlers. Fish have been… Read more »

10-pound walleyes and the best Lake Erie fishing

You’re standing on the docks in Vermilion, drinking coffee and staring at the water. The breeze feels good on your face. Although not quite a summer breeze, it still feels good. You feel rejuvenated. “This will be a good day,” you tell yourself. You dreamt of walleyes last night. They must be swimming in your… Read more »

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